It’s a hard life!

As a country lass, I occasionally need a fix of green and fresh air to keep me going, oh and a glass of Pimms never goes amiss!

Pimms, mmm

A few weeks ago on a slightly inebriated night out my friend invited me to stay with her and her family in the Cotstwold for the weekend. So last Friday we went off to the country for a weekend of Pimms, animals, sunbathing and green.


After work, armed with wine and sandwiches we boarded the train in Paddington and sped off to the green country for the weekend, where on arrival we were greeted by a flurry of fur and furiously wagging tails.


Friday was an early night and on Saturday morning I was woken by chirping birds, sunshine streaming into my room and an excited dog. It was the perfect weekend to be in the country, not a cloud in the sky and beautifully warm; proper sunbathing weather. After a trip to Waitrose where we picked up ingredients for a BBQ – I honestly can’t remember the last time I ate so much meat – we did what we’d been planning all morning; sunbathed in the garden.

First BBQ of the summer

A few rather strong Pimms later, I proceeded to make dessert. An amazing looking Heston Blumental recipe, Diamond Jubilee strawberry crumble crunch, or as we dubbed it, a somewhat healthy Eton Mess. First I made a crumble with ground almonds to go on top which was baked in the Aga until golden brown. Next I whipped up a strawberry compote with vodka, elderflower cordial and rosewater to flavour, and finally a yoghurt and

My somewhat healthy Eton Mess style pudding

cream mix. Once everthing was cooled I layered the ingredients in a glass bowl; first the strawberry compote, followed by the yoghurt and cream, and to finish off I sprinkled the crumble and meringue pieces on top. It was the perfect – albeit filling – dessert and tasted seriously good after the delicious barbecued meat, bread and summer salad, which was nicely washed down with a glass – or two – of Prosecco.

Sunday afternoon, after a roast dinner – controversially my second ever roast dinner – sufficiently stuffed and sunburnt we all too quickly found ourselves on the train heading back to London.


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