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Sunshine, the beach and BBQ’s in Newcastle

Merewether beach

Merewether beach

We finally had a very welcome respite from the snow, cold and the winter; a trip to the beach. Following a rather long car journey – through which I slept a significant portion of the way – we arrived in Newcastle. The closer we got to Sydney the warmer it got and upon arrival our jeans and hoodies had to be quickly swapped for lighter attire, which we were all more than happy to do.

You’ve no idea how nice it was to finally be at the beach after being in the country for five months and to have sunshine, something I’d missed this year as I left Europe just before the summer started. On the first morning I was woken with a cup of tea and ordered out of bed and down to the beach. So off we went, mugs in hand, down to the beach to drink our morning tea while looking out at the ocean; what a life!

The rest of the day involved car hunting – I was adamant to find a car to buy and drive back – lunch in the sunshine at Newcastle wharf and a glass of wine on the beach followed by the first of a few barbeques that weekend. I did in fact find a car, which I collected and drove back to Thredbo a few days later at the end of our long weekend.

Seafood basket

Seafood basket

Sunday saw my sister, nephew and I driving down to Nelson Bay. It was a perfect day; not a cloud in the sky, gorgeously warm and sunny and the seaside town was bustling with people out to enjoy the long weekend and the great weather. We wandered around the Sunday market, ate an absolutely gorgeous seafood feast of freshly caught fish and crustaceans, after which we even ventured into the rather cold water for a very quick dip.

That evening was the night of the all important Rugby League Grand Final between the Roosters and the Sea Eagles, I have to admit I was ever so slightly ignorant and lacking in interest in this big game. We watched it in front of the TV while eating a barbeque of scrumptious spicy pork ribs, delicious chicken wings and rather divine garlic prawns and of course a few beers to wash everything down.

The trip, as is always the case, was over way too quickly and Tuesday afternoon saw me picking up my new – used – car and driving it the seven and a half hours drive back to Thredbo. It was fun after such a long time to be driving again and the freedom of having my own car here is great. Road trips here I come!

But for now I’m back in Thredbo working for the summer and planning a number of trips around the country in the coming months, so lots to look forward to, the next one being back to Sydney at the end of November and then further along the coast.


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