The Invasion – part four

Part four of my short story.

The Invasion – part four

They sat for a while before reluctantly getting up, the sun was reaching its zenith and if they didn’t leave soon they knew their families would start to worry. On any normal day, the two of them would be away and unmissed all day long, but not today. They gathered their bits and pieces together, Mat went to check the gun was carefully stowed away in the cave, and they reluctantly left the tranquility of the lake.

They hardly spoke as they walked quickly through the woods. As they neared the clearing by Mat’s house they heard a slightly metallic voice begin to speak across the valley, it sounded like it was being projected from right beside them. They both stopped short, Mat reached for Elayne’s hand, gripping it so hard his knuckles went white. His face had gone deathly pale. The only word he managed to utter was “dad!”

Elayne stared at him and then listened again to the voice which was talking across the valley, it had a very distinct intonation. She would have known that deep, melodious voice anywhere, but how?

Mat and Elayne stood rooted to the spot listening as Mat’s dad’s voice boomed out across the valley to tell all the inhabitants that they were under attack and another invasion had begun.

“Why? I don’t understand. How can that be my dad, he died three years ago?” The questions kept coming,  Mat had so many but Elayne had no answers, she was as confounded as he.

As they stood together listening to the silence after the voice had finished speaking, Elayne knew that their world as they knew it would never be the same again. But somehow she knew that they would figure this out, they would get to the bottom of this unfurling nightmare.

The first thing they they had to do was speak to Uncle Tom and find out what he knew about Mat’s dad and the mystery message.


To be continued …


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