The Invasion – part two

I’ve had a few responses wondering how the beginning of the short story I posted last week continued. So here’s the next part.


The Invasion – part two

The two friends hurried on together. Elayne glanced at Mat, his handsome face usually so full of fun and laughter was serious, she gripped his hand tighter, worry beginning to take over. When they reached the clearing where Elayne’s family house stood Mat kissed her on the forehead, promising to call as soon as he got home.

Elayne turned toward her own home, despite her hurry she stopped for a minute to gaze at it. Nestled at the edge of the woods, surrounded by a halo of pink and white Mayflowers and cherry blossoms it was picturesque, feeling more at ease she breathed in the heady sweet scent as she walked towards the door. As she entered the back door into the kitchen she was engulfed in a bear hug and the door was quickly closed and locked behind her.

“We were so worried about you dear” her mum mumbled into her hair. Her dad and sister Selena were standing in the doorway equally anxious.

When Elayne was finally released, they went into the living room together and sat down in front of the TV. It was chaos; the entire valley was on alert. The reporter was speaking to a number of locals who were talking about how a number of men in a black car had pulled up at their home and taken a few people away with them. This story was repeated by numerous different sources, each telling exactly the same narrative. The men had said they were conducting an official investigation and needed to speak to the people they took away, but not once did they mention what it was about. Everyone was starting to panic and more and more people were calling the TV station to report that they’d had a relative or friend who’d been taken away.

Suddenly the phone rang, they all jumped and looked towards the kitchen. Elayne ran to answer it, it was Mat. He’d gotten home safe, his sister and nephew were there but his sister’s husband was nowhere to be found.

“Have you been watching the news” Mat asked quietly, Elayne replied that they had. “All those people being taken away …” he stopped. Elayne was thinking the same thing but neither of them voiced it. They hung up both promising to stay in touch.

As they huddled around the TV the screen began to flash and then it went blank, the room was plunged into darkness. For a long while they all sat in silence in the gloom looking at the TV. Far away a siren went off, the young people had never heard it before but they knew what it meant, the valley was under curfew, which could only mean one thing, they were under attack.

The two sisters prepared something to eat. Usually a great house for meals and chatter, this dinner was a silent one and no one felt like eating. Soon after they all went to bed. Just as she was snuggling down to try and sleep, there was a knock at Elayne’s door and Selena slipped into the room. She padded across the wooden floor to her bed,  Elayne moved over as her sister crept in beside her.

“I’m so scared” she whispered into the dark, “what’s going to happen Elayne?”

Elayne had no answer; instead she wrapped her arms around her sister, hugging her tightly. They eventually drifted off to sleep, neither of them knowing what the morning would bring.


To be continued …


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  1. I am totally hooked!!!! X

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