The Invasion – the start of a short story

Almost two years ago I had this strange dream that was very vivid. I was so lost in the dream, that when I finally woke up all I wanted to do was to find out how it ended but try as I might I could not get back into the dream.

When I woke up properly I thought what a great story the dream would make, so I turned on my laptop and spent the next few hours writing it down.

Every now and again I’d revisit what I’d written and amend or add to it but I never did anything with it, I wasn’t sure whether it did my dream justice. Today I’m still not sure about that that but I decided I’d post the start of the story on my blog. It’s not finished yet and I’m not sure if any of you will like it, but I thought I might as well see what you think.

If it’s well received I might post some more of the story at a later stage.


The Invasion

The water lapped gently over the edge of the pool as the last few swimmers came to a stop in the shallow end. Mr Jordan had blown his whistle a few minutes before to signal the end of the class and the students stood in the water in groups laughing and chatting before heading to the changing rooms. Elayne waded over to where Mat was standing, his tall dark frame silhouetted against the sunlight that was filtering through the large window at the side of the pool. Outside the leaves danced in the May sunshine but Mat seemed oblivious of this as he gazed out over the schoolyard, he seemed far away.

“Penny for your thoughts” Elayne said as she came up beside him.

The two of them had been best friends since they were five or six years old and they were still inseparable at the age of seventeen. Mat had just come back from a few weeks away visiting his grandparents at the coast and he seemed relaxed and well rested. They had plenty to catch up on as Elayne hadn’t seen him properly since he got back the night before.

As they chatted away, getting up to speed on the events of the past few weeks they suddenly heard a strange whirring noise, like a helicopter, outside the building, followed by what sounded like an explosion at the back of the school. There were screams and everyone began to retreat en mass to the far end of the pool. Mr Jordan, who had disappeared into the supply room, re appeared and briskly ordered everyone out of the pool, to the changing rooms and to the front gate and home as quickly as possible.

Mat and Elayne hurried out along with everyone else. “I’ll meet you outside the front gate in a few minutes,” and with that Mat left her at the door to the girls changing room.

Elayne quickly dried herself and pulled on her jeans and green sweatshirt, barely drying her long brown hair before running out the door backpack in hand. The school entrance was chaos, there were people running everywhere and teachers stood at each entrance ushering students out and urging them not to panic. Mat was waiting at the gate for Elayne. When she was level with him he grabbed her backpack in one hand, swung it over his left shoulder and seized her hand with the other.

They didn’t say a word as they hurried along the main road until they reached the quiet of the woods and were deep within its sanctuary. The two young people had been roaming the woods since they were children and they never lost their way. Only once they were safely within the woods sanctuary did Elayne dare to speak. “What do you think that was?” she asked looking sideways at Mat. “You don’t think it was another attach on the valley?” He didn’t have to reply, his face, which Elayne knew so well confirmed her worst fear.

Many years ago, before either of them had been born, there had been an attack on the valley. Everyone knew about it but no one spoke of it. The memory of what had happened lived on in those who had witnessed it and the fear of what had happened and of another attack lived on in those who were born in its aftermath.


To be continued …


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