End of the season and the snow



It’s funny to think the season is almost over here in Thredbo and I need to start exploring work and travel options outside of this little bubble that I’ve been living in for the past four months – only for a few months though as I’m planning on coming back for another season next year. That said I’m very much looking forward to spending some time at the beach and in the sunshine, getting a tan and living it up Aussie style.

As I’m on a work travel visa I also need to do a few months of rural work in order to get my second year visa extension, so that’s on my agenda to do next so I can get it out of the way. The clever Australian government has come up with a great way to get their fruit and veg picked, get travellers who want to stay a second year in the country to do it for them, ingenious really. And I’m going to join the ranks of people who sign up to do it every year.

Cheese fondue

Cheese fondue

The snow is slowly melting, the runs and lifts are starting to close and spring is arriving with plenty of sunshine and. However, before it got



too warm we visited Candlelight Lodge – right next to my work – for a cheese tastic dinner of raclette and cheese fondue. It’s one of those meals you just have to eat in the snow! We started off with a glass of wine at the bar before ordering pumpkin arancini and raclette – something we used to make at home in the winter when my sister and I were

Chocolate fondue

Chocolate fondue

younger – and cheese fondue – another dish we used to make a lot at home. My dad used to bring a variety of fantastically smelly swiss cheese back with him every winter and we used to have amazing cheese fondue nights which stank up the house and all our clothes. We were delightfully full and cheesed up by the end of the meal but my sister wouldn’t hear of us leaving without ordering the chocolate fondue. We did our best to eat everything, however, there was still quite a bit of chocolate remaining by the time we were done. Dinner was nicely topped off with a baked apple schnapps, the only way to end any meal in Thredbo. Needless to say we were absolutely stuffed by the end of dinner but it was well worth the cheese overload.

It’s weird to think that back home it’s heading into Autumn and getting cooler while Down Under we are getting ready for the summer and lots of sunshine and heat. Once I’ve figured out my next move – somewhere on the beach and in the sun – I’ll write another post to make you all royally jealous but for now I’m going to sign off.



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2 responses to “End of the season and the snow

  1. Hi Ethna, leuk om van je te horen. Je was helemaal ondergedompeld in de sneeuw, leek het. Fijn dat het je zo goed bevalt dat je nog een jaar wilt blijven. Hier zet inderdaad de herfst in, met veel regen. Maar we hebben niets te klagen, we hebben een lange, warme zomer gehad. De Bakermat B&B is open, dus als je Australische vrienden hebt die tot mijn doelgroep behoren (zie http://www.debakermat.com voor informatie en foto’s), dan kunnen ze bij mij logeren.
    Geniet van de zomer en ik kijk uit naar jouw strandfoto’s.
    Liefs, Wilma

  2. I am dribbling ….. I can’t think of a better dessert than a chocolate fondue! YUM! 4 months has gone by soooo quickly – cant wait to hear more about your adventures and pleased the sun is on its way out! Fruit picking hey? Brilliant x

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