Reacquainting myself with my childhood friends

Anne of Green Gables series

Anne of Green Gables series

As a child I was forever in a corner glued to a book and my sister used to constantly bemoan the fact that I preferred reading to playing with her. When we were on family holidays my mum used to ration me to one book a day, her rational was that I’d go goggle eyed from reading too much. In short, ever since I learnt to read there were and still are very few things that make me happier than reading.

Prince Edward Island, Canada

Prince Edward Island, Canada

Every few years I reread my favourite and most loved books, and one of my most beloved childhood books are the Anne of Green Gables books, which I adore to bits and pieces. I was first acquainted with them when my grandmother bought me Anne of Green Gables, after which I saved every penny of pocket money I got to buy the rest of the series, one at a time. Each and every time I read them I enjoy it just as much as the first time and with every reread I can identify with different stages of Anne’s life. Without a doubt red headed Anne Shirley is one of my all time favourite heroins. Her vivacious spirit, delightful imagination and romantic notions take me back to my childhood and I get lost in the pages.

Prince Edward Island, Canada

Prince Edward Island, Canada

L.M. Mongomery so tenderly describes her heroine, her beloved Green Gables, Prince Edward Island and Avonlea along with all the fabulous characters the books are littered with. In under a month I had reread all of the Anne books. During which time I became a recluse,  preferring an evening in with a cup of tea and my book, to going out or watching TV. And as always I was sad to be finished Anne of Ingleside and to return the books to my bookshelf for another few years.

I’ve visited Canada before, but I’ve always wanted to go to PE Island, to travel around the beautiful island that has been the scene of so many fantastic flights of imagination over the years. Maybe one day, I’ll find myself there.

My books have always been one of my most coveted possessions and among these are all the books of my childhood. Include the Anne of Green Gables and the Laura Ingalls Wilder books, National Velvet, The Borrowers, the Narnia series, Swallows and Amazons and a whole host of other equally well loved books.

Laura Ingles Wilder

Laura Ingles Wilder

Opening up one of these books is almost like revisiting a loved friend who I haven’t seen in a long time. Old feelings and emotions, joys and sadness’s come rushing back as I leaf through the pages and with the adult and older perspective come new emotions and feelings.

Whatever mood or frame of mind I’m in my books always manage to transport me away, and for a while I’m lost in their pages in a completely different world where my imagination and mind is free to wonder at will.


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