Exploring West London with Mac and Cheese and cocktails

It’s odd, I rarely venture out in my area, usually preferring to go somewhere more central to meet friends and go out. However, thanks to Sammy of When Mac Met Cheese, I had the perfect excuse to try out one of my local venues and explore a little, while at the same time enjoying a gorgeously cheesy Mac and Cheese and a cocktail.

Much to my delight, When Mac Met Cheese of Camden Market recently had a pop-up in The Shop in Kensale Rise, literally just round the corner from my house. So I unceremoniously dragged my friend along last Thursday evening for a fix of Mac and Cheese and a well deserved cocktail.

Carlos the Cactus and coleslaw

As most of you will know I’m ever so slightly obsessed with cheese as well  as being a big Mac and Cheese fan. Quite partial to my own home-made Mac and Cheese I’m always curious to try other people’s concoctions. I have to say, When Mac Met Cheese’s Carlos the Cactus, a three cheese tastic dish with jalapeños, was divinely cheesy and yummy.

Gin Gin Mule

The Shop was cosy and buzzing when we walked in, glad to be inside and away from the biting November cold . The candles and dim lighting, rustic wooden tables and chairs and friendly staff were all very welcoming. We sipped our delicious cocktail which arrived in jam jars – I went for a Gin Gin Mule, a spirit I’ve developed a liking for in cocktails – while we waited for our serving of Mac and Cheese and coleslaw to appear. It hadn’t been a hard choice for me to decide what I wanted to order, being partial to anything spicy choosing the Carlos the Cactus was the obvious choice.

Despite having a sweet tooth and the Deep Fried Oreos looking very tempting, I was sadly way too full to give them a try. My friend – who is German – had never heard of deep frying anything sweet before and was suitably baffled at the mere idea of frying them. I guess the German’s are a lot healthier than we are!

I’ve now found two more places I’ll certainly be going back to; The Shop for cocktails – and I’ve heard they do a great breakfast – and When Mac Met Cheese for a cheese fix the next time I’m in Camden Market.


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  1. Wilma

    Klinkt goed, Ethna. Jammer dat ik in Amsterdam zit.

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