Cookbooks, street food and delicious Greek Gyros (minus the sun)


So it was my birthday the other day and two of my friends – they had never met before – got me cookbooks. I wonder where they got the idea from that I liked eating and cooking! One is a Lonely Planet cookbook of the world’s best street food – it’s awesome – the other is an Indian cookbook, as the author says, ‘Eastern recipes for Western cooks,’ it has some amazing recipes. I was well chuffed and as you can imagine I’ve already been busy using them, and drooling over all the pictures of course.

I’ve done my fair share of travelling – not nearly enough though – and one thing I adore when I go abroad is trying out the local cuisine. For a while now I’ve been thinking about doing a few blog posts on food from the different countries I’ve visited and now, well I have the means and motivation to do just that. So I’ve decided to write a few  posts on my favourite street food from a few of the countries I’ve visited and lived in.

Beautiful Greece

First up is Greece, now I adore this country, and economic problems or not, nothing will deter me from going back again. I’ve been to Greece and Corfu a number of times and each time I’ve been there the first  thing my sister and I do on arrival is head out to find a Gyros. This divine local street food is just delicious and you’ll never guess, there was a recipe for it in the street food cookbook!

Paprika seasoned chicken

And Gyros is what I decided to cook for dinner tonight. Now the recipe says that it’s complex to make, I have to disagree, the preparation time is simply a bit lengthy. I made a chicken Gyros and it was, if I may say so myself, absolutely delicious. The first thing I did was season the chicken with paprika, oregano, salt and pepper which I then doused in white wine vinegar and left in the fridge to marinate for an hour.


While it was marinating I made the tzatziki, from previous experience I’ve learnt that it’s important to take as much of the liquid out of the cucumber as you can before adding the rest of the ingredients.

When everything was ready and seasoned I fried the chicken until it was cooked through. Wile it was sizzling away I warmed up the pita pockets in the grill and chopped an onion and a few slices of tomato. Once the chicken was ready I placed the diced cubes on the pita and topped this with the tzatziki, onion and tomato slices and seasoned with salt and pepper.

Chicken Gyros

It was absolutely delicious, the marinated paprika chicken was perfect and the tzatziki was delicious, all that was missing was sunshine and a view of the beautiful turquoise of the Ionian Sea. Ah well, some day I’ll go back again with my sister and enjoy a Gyros the proper way.


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