My quirky food likes; peanut butter, potato salad, cheese, hummus and jalapeños

My quirky food likes

Quirky or odd food cravings and likes, we all have them. Some are things we can’t go a day without eating, others are items that are always stocked in our fridge  or cupboard or things we hanker for on a sporadic basis and one most of us are familiar with is a cravings for certain foods after say a night out.

Taste of London was on in Regents Park this weekend and we went along to check out the vast number of food stalls and sample the freebies. The one stall I unfailing gravitate towards is the cheese tent and yesterday was no different. The maturer the better in my opinion – my all time favourite cheese is Old Amsterdam Cheese, words literally can’t describe it. My fridge at home is permanently stocked with at least three different types of cheese. I counted today and I have five different cheeses in the fridge. They never last long and need constant replenishing but it’s one thing I can’t do without and none of that low fat cheese either, nothing but the proper full fat will do.

The evening before going to Taste was filled with consuming copious amounts of Prosecco – my friend and I chose our Friday night beverage with style. So Saturday morning saw my morning after craving for potato salad kick in. Normally people crave something greasy after a night out but no not me, in true Irish style I crave spuds. People find it odd but I literally polish off an entire salad in one sitting. Although saying that no one can beat my grandmother’s German potato salad it’s amazing, I could eat it every day.

Peanut Butter Cookies

And now on to my quirky food liking which resulted in me baking tonight; peanut butter. I go through lengthy phases where I constantly crave peanut butter – but it has to be crunchy. I don’t quite go as far as eating it out of the jar – although I have been known to do that on occasion –  but it’s another thing I constantly stock in my cupboard. So this evening I decided to bake Peanut Butter Cookies, they were easy to make and turned out pretty good, although if anyone has a truly amazing recipe, I’d love to give it a try.

As for my red pepper hummus and jalapeño liking… Red pepper hummus is something I ALWAYS stock in my fridge, and ever since living in Sri Lanka where I developed an obsession for chilli and spicy foods, I throw chilli into pretty much any food I can get away with and jalapeños are often my preferred spice fix.

I’d love to hear your quirky food likes or odd food combinations!


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