Fitness, health and dieting, the delights of summer

Zumba class, might be me soon!

Health, fitness and dieting, the delights of the summer months! There is an even bigger push for fitness this year what with the Olympics being in London, and everyone is promoting something fitness or health related. I’d like to say I’m not influenced by this but sadly I’m no exception to the masses. I always ramp it up in the summer; swimming more, eating better and generally attempting to be a picture of health.

Now saying that I don’t do diets, I love my food too much. Which is why I hate when people decide to tell me how bad the things I love eating are for me. When I found out how calorific wine is I was so upset. The same goes for cheese, bread, chocolate, pasta, basically everything I love is bad for me in some way; carbs, fat, too many calories it never ends. I’ve even started looking at the calories in products at the supermarket, it’s driving me mad.

One of the things that always baffles me in the world of diets are the bizarre fads doing the rounds. The latest craze I’ve heard of in Sweden is a diet of low carbs/high fat which has resulted in a concerning cholesterol surge in the country. I mean I’m no health expert but that just sounds like a stupid thing to do. The disturbing lack of food origin knowledge in young Briton’s doesn’t do much to help things either, if you don’t know where things come from, well how can you know if they’re good for you or not?

I guess it’s true what they say, we’re never happy with what we have and that goes for health, fitness and dieting as well. Despite my healthy eating habits and exercising – tonight I had an amazing Warm Puy lentil, cherry tomato & halloumi salad for dinner after my 60 lengths in the pool –  I’m still not 100% happy.

During the week I’m a picture of health, fitness etc but on Friday’s and Saturday’s I indulge. Pancakes with clotted cream for brunch on Saturday, takeaway pizza or eating out for dinner, ice cream – preferably Ben & Jerry’s Cookie Dough -, chocolate, bagels, you name it and obviously no swimming or excercise of any kind. So in effect I spend the next week repairing the damage of my indulging weekend. But I’d never give them up, even if it meant swimming every day during the week!

Swimming is all very well but I’ve been wanting to try something else for a while, however, going to the gym is one thing I won’t do. When I was at university I tried Circuit Training for a few weeks, I could barely move after the first time and oddly enough my attendance dwindled quite rapidly after that. One thing I have been dying to try for ages though is Zumba. Although I’m afraid that I might not be quite coordinated enough. It’s not that I’m uncoordinated, but when I lived in Holland I tried street dancing for a few weeks and I was just terrible at remembering the routines.

I’ve been researching the classes at my local gym, they offer all sorts of classes  such as Bums, Tums & Thighs, Step & Sculpt, Body Tone, you name it. No idea what half of them are, but maybe I should just give one of them a try.

With Olympic fever taking over the UK, everyone is pushing fitness and exercise. Some of my colleagues are dedicated enough to go to classes at the gym over lunch  but quite frankly I can’t see the appeal of sweating it out during my lunch break when I should – in theory – be relaxing. Although I don’t know how keen they would be to try out the latest Swedish craze, Lunch Beat which is basically a 60 minute lunchtime boogie, without alcohol of course. Oddly enough I can’t imagine that I’ll be adding that to my midday schedule any time soon.

For the time being I think I’ll stick to trying out a Zumba or Step & Sculpt class and see how that goes!


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