Lunchtime book therapy

It’s been one of those days, actually it’s been one of those weeks and it’s only Wednesday! It got to lunchtime and I just had to get out of the office.

There are a few things that always succeed in clearing my head, my favourite (besides a bottle of wine, never a good idea at lunchtime though) and without a doubt an effective therapy is to surround myself with books. My choice venue for this more often that not is to visit Daunt Books. I’ve no idea why, but it always makes me feel better, maybe it’s the books, the calm or the quite welcoming atmosphere, but I always leave feeling better. But there may well be another reason for that … a slightly heavier bag!


So off I traipsed to Daunt Books in Cheapside for a bit of book therapy. Now I have to admit that I rarely come out of this delightful bookshop empty handed. Today was no exception, I purchased not one but three new books.

My choice, in line with most other things I do was somewhat random. One of my all time favourite authors Isabel Allende has a new book out, Island Beneath the Sea, which I just had to have. Next I browsed past Tom Rachman’s The Imperfectionists and it’s brief blurb and setting was enough to grab my attention.

That all happened too quickly so I decided to take a quick look downstairs only to find myself drawn to the corner with all the PG Wodehouse books. I’ve never been able to pass a Wodehouse without picking one up. I’m in the middle of reading another book, but I think I need a brief interlude of Wodehouse, I’m looking forward to getting stuck into Young Men in Spats.

The highlight of my trip came, and forgive me for this, when the friendly man at the till put my books into a cloth Daunt Books bag. Now you have no idea how long I’ve wanted one of these, and before anyone says anything I know you can buy them in the shop but still …

My purchases may well result in some creativity on my part, so watch this space, there may well be a few book reviews on the way!


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