New Years Resolution … three weeks in

It’s been a while, well four months to be exact since I wrote anything here.  Despite my frequent well meaning, but futile attempts to sit down and write, something else always distracted me.

In brief the last four months have consisted of among other things, a nerve racking few days deliberating how to hand in my notice, a crazy few months starting a new job and trying to become a financial tech guru of sorts, the hazy few days of excessive  food and wine consumption, balanced out by long walks which was Christmas, only to find myself catapulted into January and 2012. Which is apparently our last year according to the Mayan’s, so must make the most of it! However, being a bit of a sceptic, I have taken that prediction with a pinch of salt.

OK, so I don’t do New Years Resolutions, there’s no point, I never keep them, but I did decide to do a few things this year – that ways it’s less official than actually making a resolution.

One of my favourite ‘decisions’ was to cook something different every weekend. So most Sunday’s you’ll find me obsessing about what I’m going to cook for dinner, googling recipes – I have a growing folder with gorgeous pictures and scrumptious recipes – and wondering the aisles of Sainsbury’s piling my shopping basket with food.

The reason this ‘decision’ is working so well – three weeks in anyway – is thanks to my excessively partiality for food  and what better way to enjoy food on a budget than to cook it yourself!

My incessant web searching has resulted in my discovering the BBC Good Food website, how I didn’t stumble upon this gem earlier is beyond me, the recipes are amazing. Last weekend I trialled the recipe for Roasted Red Pepper and Tomato Cannelloni, it was seriously delicious!


Tonight’s recipe is  Courgette Pancakes with Feta and Red Pepper Filling, my stomach is rumbling already!

As for other ‘decisions’, well to be honest, that’s the only one I made, I didn’t want to overdo it. Apart from deciding to move apartments, which is something I’v been deliberating doing for almost a year now, so I guess you could say I never fulfilled my last years New Years Resolution. Ooops.

Let’s hope this years one works out better. So to help me out, any suggestions for recipes are very welcome.


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