Revisiting my teens

It all started last Wednesday evening. I got home from work and Twilight was on.

I have long been a bit of a snob when it comes to Twilight. I had avoided reading the books and point black refused to watch the films. However, last week my flatmate’s excitement made me curious. With nothing better to do I sat down to watch it.

Little did I know I would be hooked, using the ad brakes to quickly do my evening chores and rush back to the TV as soon as it resumed.

It gets worse, or at least my colleagues, who were disgusted to hear about my newfound ‘teenage obsession’ as they call it, believe so.

Last Saturday afternoon I wondered into WH Smith in Westfield to, yes you’ve guessed it, buy the first Twilight book. I looked in the sci fi section where Harry Potter and The Lord of the Rings were, but couldn’t find it anywhere. At a loss I asked a nice lady working there for help. She took me to the teen section. Only slightly put off and ashamed of myself I went to the counter to buy it.

So far I am thoroughly enjoying the read and have almost finished it, however, I do have to admit the dialogue occassionally makes me cringe as it reminds me of some of the books I read as a teenager. That minor issue aside, I’m totally getting into vampires, wouldn’t mind one watching me sleep, only if he looked like Robert Pattinson of course! Despite my friend Emily’s absolute disgust, I cant wait to start the next book.

Think I’m set for bank holiday reading!


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