Day five – assisted exit

Apologies for not posting anything yesterday, I got side tracked in the pub on my way home from work, where most of London seemed to be making up for the previous few days bar closures and anxiety by flocking to the pub for a few drinks!

Well back to my duck-billed platypus egg, there had been no further development since the last post, apart from increasingly murky water. So, slightly impatient, I decided to assist the creature. I know that technically I shouldn’t, but it did say 48 hours on the instructions and it’s been five days now!

Still loath to touch anything in the bowl I used a knife and fork to break the egg and …
this emerged. Well only partly as the creature seems to be stuck onto the back of the egg.

So ladies and gentlemen here ends my duck-billed platypus egg hatching series. I hope you’ve found it as, let me see, enlightening as I have!


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