Hatching my very own duck-billed platypus – day one

I’m having an unnaturally, even for me, random Sunday morning. The weather is lovely out and I’m sitting at home in my kitchen watching a giant egg in a bowl of water.

My random morning can be explained, I promise! My sister sent me a package for my birthday which I only got yesterday. Apparently her boyfriend – thanks Kane – made her send me a duck-billed platypus egg. Which is why I am now sitting in my kitchen on a Sunday morning watching what looks like a giant Cadbury mini egg submerged in water.

Even though I know it’s not real, it really freaks me out and I’m terrified that when the shell breaks I will walk into the kitchen and see a black creature scuttling across the floor leaving a trail of slime behind it.

What I have decided to do, to add to the randomness of my blog, is to chart the growth of this creature. So check back tomorrow if you want to find out the developments on day two.



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2 responses to “Hatching my very own duck-billed platypus – day one

  1. Sonya Brave

    Im looking forward to seeing the egg hatch, wonder what will come out of the egg and how big it grows!
    when i sent it over i was supposed to write on the outside of the envelop what i was sending, but i thought it was not such a good idea to write “Platypus egg” as it may not have gotten through customs!

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