My growing book collection

Last night, for the first time in ages, I got stuck into a book which I couldn’t put down.

When I left Ireland I had to leave my beloved book collection behind (to be repossessed one day) and I decided that I would join a library in London rather than buy books. A year and half later I have a library card, which I have never used, and a room with a steadily growing book collection!

I was talking to a friend about buying books the other day and she agreed with me that when she reads a good book, she needs to have it, not just borrow it. It is one of my vices, along with shoes, but more about that another time. This is further fuelled by having a fabulous second had Oxfam book shop on Marylebone High Street right on my route to and from work.

Unfortunately, nights like last night don’t occur too often. When I get home from work I’m usually so tired I just crash out on the sofa and watch Eastenders or Corrie (a poor but easy substitute to reading) before clambering into bed.

Saying that I’m always on the look out for a new book that will keep me glued to the pages and up all night reading. All suggestions are welcome.


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