Sri Lanka vs Pakistan

Up and coming cricketer

I have had a very interesting, eventful and eclectic two weeks; first the Hikkaduwa beach festival, then the Kandy Perahera, after that a cricket match and finally a trip to the north to the former LTTE zone, to take part in and report from the Feast of our Lady of Madhu.

On Wednesday afternoon I got a call from a Sri Lankan friend who had a spare VIP ticket to the T-20 Pakistan vs Sri Lanka cricket match at the R. Premadasa Stadium in Colombo. Seeing I had never been to a cricket match and as it is so popular here I decided to go along.

Since I have been here I have watched numerous test matches, usually the Ashes, with Richard (a fellow volunteer), but the live game was much better, despite Sri Lanka’s poor performance and the fact that they lost the match.
We were sitting right behind the Pakistani cricket team. VIP seating is all very well, but you miss out on the atmosphere and excitement that is part of sitting with the real hard core supporters.

All in all it was a novel experience. The stadium is positioned in the middle of the slums, seriously dodgy looking. I’m glad we went there by car as I would never have been induced to walk through the slums alone and after dark.


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