It’s a small world!

It was quite funny the other day I wrote a news piece in response to a letter about an incident where people were handing out free cigarettes outside a restaurant in Colombo. It is illegal to advertise anything to do with tobacco and cigarettes in Sri Lanka, so the men were arrested.

I wrote the article, gave it to the news editor who approved it and it was put in the next day’s paper. Two days later I got a call in the office from the tobacco authority commenting on my article which they thought presented them in a bad light. I responded that I was just doing my job and that I had written the article in response to a letter from an authority. I told them that if they wanted to comment or give their side of things we would be more than willing to publish it but we weren’t going to change what we had said already They said they couldn’t say anything as they weren’t allowed to.

So that was that until on Friday night I was at a party. There were three girls there who I got chatting to. They asked me what I was doing and I told them I was working for The Island. Jokingly I said that they obviously all read the paper. One of the girls said that actually she had read something about tobacco in it the other day. I told her that I had written the article and she recognized my name. It turns out she wasn’t the one who called me but she works for the people who did and was aware of the article.

It’s a small world and totally random that I should have met her of all people at a party!


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