Work ethic

School girls on a day trip

The work ethic in Sri Lanka is quite different from at home, as are most things here!
The children seem to do a lot of work, they start school at 7.30am and it goes on all day. The uniform in public schools are white, a pretty bad colour choice when you think about their climate and the amount of dust and dirt everywhere.

Rameshi my host family’s daughter has extra classes in the afternoons, a private tutor most evenings and school on Saturday and Sunday mornings, a bit much if you ask me. Her parents want her to be a lawyer or a doctor, so they are pumping all their funds into her.
As I said the children seem to work more than the adults.
The adults here live a pretty relaxed life, no one ever seems particularly busy, except for the people driving maybe, but that’s a totally different story. They do get up early, but after that, well it all seems pretty lax, they do everything in their own time and never seem hurried. At the office, people wander in whenever they please, before starting anything productive they proceed to read the newspaper and chat to friends and colleagues, something that goes on all day. It is not uncommon to see people asleep at their desk in the afternoon, even the editors particularly after lunch. Sometimes I think I’m one of the only people actually working, however, the paper is published daily so it obviously works somehow.
As I said before, everything is very relaxed here, life is about two or three gears slower than anywhere in the West where people spend their days running around like headless chickens; it is just the Sri Lankan mentality!


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