I just came back from a delightfully pleasant weekend in Hikkaduwa, a small coastal town south of Colombo. It is actually one of the places that was badly hit by the tsunami in 2004, but the place has been built up in the mean time.

The coast here is a paradise; long stretches of golden beaches, the warm water of the Indian Ocean, coconut laden palm trees lining the beaches, giant turtles swimming in the water and delightful beach shacks lining the shore. It is truly amazing.

The town itself is quite small, with the busy Galle Road running through it, but the beaches and the sea are stunning. At the moment it is very quite as it is not yet high season, which was really quite nice. High season is from November to February. Now it is still monsoon season, although it does not rain much, and if it does rain it is usually during the night.

We had an amazing seafood dinner; fresh squid, octopus, shrimps, and shark steak. It was mouthwateringly delicious, and accompanied by a chilled bottle of Lion beer and the cool evening sea breeze it was perfection itself.

But now we are back in Colombo; busy, hectic, fume filled Colombo.

Despite only being here a few days it was really pleasant getting away somewhere quiet and peaceful for the weekend.


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